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It's A Digital Magazine All About You Doing Business Your Way

It's for determined, curious, adventurous, creative women in business who wants to push the boundaries, dream big, take action and show herself and the world she's totally capable of #TotallyThriving.

Together we create, market and thrive; learn, grow, share and more.
It's all about #totallythriving and #collectivethriving, our absolute favourite things!
Totally Thriving is a digital business magazine designed for the savvy, creative, fiercely determined woman in business who wants to make her mark on the world.  With each issue we promise quality content and opportunities to learn and be actively inspired to lead your business your way.

Each issue features contributions from our "thriving talent team" focused on sharing their expertise and knowledge to provide you with insights into different ways to thrive in business and life.

The magazine is structured around a set of core concepts and topics each issue.  Basically we're all about the intersection of Create, Market and Thrive, our fav things.

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Once subscribed you'll get instant access to all past issues. Check out the covers below for inspiration and a snapshot of the breadth of content we've shared with our readers since launching in December 2015.  Initially a monthly issue, just like any project or business, we've had our excited launch phase, focused growth spurt, needed to take a break and after some time out and reflection we're back in Q3, 2017 with the first of our quarterly issues. 

Our covergirls are real life business women sharing their life's work with us.  They lead businesses they love and are committed to inspiring others on their business journey.

Since launch we've had contributors from all over the globe share their fabulous, inspiring, real life business stories, strategies and knowledge.

Totally Thriving is now a quarterly magazine...
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new look,
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In the CREATE section of each issue we're focusing on content, money and creativity, with a good healthy dose of innovation and "doing things your own creative way".  It's time to stretch your creative side

In the MARKET section of each issue you'll find branding, marketing, relationship building, business growth strategies and showcase opportunities, including an interview with our cover girl

In the THRIVE section of each issue we'll be sharing the good stuff on creating a thriving mindset, balance and wellbeing and how to really be the success you dream to be, with the greatest of ease of course

Issue #10 February 2017 featuring TT mag founder Shannon Bush

Issue #9 Oct/Nov 2016 featuring tap lady Gail O'Keeffe

Issue #8 Aug/Sept 2016 featuring socially savvy Sarah Thomson

Issue #7 June/July 16 featuring the lovable podcaster Katie Wyatt 

Issue #6 May 2016 featuring content queen Swapna Thomas

Issue #5 April 2016 featuring inspirational Amy Madden

Issue #4 March 2016 featuring flip flopper Kathy Wong

Issue #3 February 2016 featuring circle creator Asha Stabback

Issue #2 January 2016 featuring #ladyposse leader Tash Corbin

Issue #1 December 2015, our launch issue featuring Sylvia Chierchia